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To all who speak German and are around: poetry reading at Atelierhaus Darmstadt, Riedeselstraße 15, 64283 Darmstadt/Germany, Saturday, April 23, 2022, 2 pm - I'll be reading from unpublished (2018-22) and published material (2010, 2017)

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Now on - my interview with New York trombonist Clifton Anderson:


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my interview with US-American pianist Burton Greene (also appeared in German in Jazz Podium, November 2020):


To all who speak German.

From August 2019 I have an author's page on, a German web portal dedicated to literature and visual arts - not only from Germany; sadly, the web portal is down since 07/2021 due to lack of financial support:


To all who speak German.
I'll be doing an introduction to the exhibition was anders ist of Johannes Kriesche and Thomas Rösch at bok Galerie, 63065 Offenbach (Germany), Kirchgasse 29 on Thursday, March 14, 19:00, and will be reading from my latest book of poems Feuer Wahn Zen (with drawings by Thomas Rösch) at that same opening and at the closing event on Saturday, March 30, 13:30-14:00:


interview with New York multi-instrumentalist & DJ Casey Benjamin aka Stutzmcgee from 06/2018 in full-length for 2019ff.:


To all who speak German.
Interview with New York multi-instrumentalist & DJ Casey Benjamin aka Stutzmcgee from 06/2018 for longstanding German music magazine Jazz Podium, February 2019, pages 18-20


To all who speak German.
Published in April 2017:


Feuer Wahn Zen
41 Gedichte

Mit Zeichnungen von Thomas Rösch

84 Seiten. Zahlreiche S/W-Abbildungen

Passagen Verlag, Wien

ISBN 978-3-7092-0253-1

"Die Poetin Barbara Frenz trifft - gleich Kassandra - mit einem dreifachen Begriffsschlag, ihrem Lyrikband "Feuer Wahn Zen",  ins EmpfindungsZENtrum empathischer LeserInnen. Ihr bezaubernd knapper Sprachduktus zielt synästhetisch - berührend  illustriert von Thomas Rösch - in den im Selbst mehrfach erschütterten, singularisierten Kern der Gegenwarts-Gesellschaft" (Marga Prankl / Walter Prankl, Kultur-Punkt Onlinejournal, April 2017).